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*Application Deadline: 20th of July 2024

Calling all Bldrs: Launchpad is Back

BLDR’s Pre-Seed Launchpad is a 12-week* MENA focused intensive virtual program designed to provide a unique experience to up to 20 early-stage startups working to reimagine the future of learning and work. The program is hands-on and biases founders who fail forward and have a drive for iterating and experimenting. We are looking for founders in the pre-seed stage that ideally have a working prototype if not a full MVP.

* The 2nd half of the program is reserved for founders who demonstrate the ability to validate their assumptions through experimentation.

BLDR’s Pre-seed Launchpad provides:

Industry Focused

Industry focused content


Access to network of global experts, operators, and founders

Regional Markets

Mentoring from industry leaders

Product Validation

MENA markets and users focus

Industry Focused

Rapid problem/product validation frameworks

Industry Focused

Pitching to global investors

Industry Focused

~$100K SAFE note for top performing startups

Launchpad 2024 Themes

We are looking to work with founders across the learn to earn cycle. Overtime we’ve developed a thesis on the most important areas to tackle in this space, and have a bias towards solutions in these areas:

  • Architecting and engineering learner & worker motivation
  • Elevating the teaching and learning experience through collaboration and specialization
  • Paradigm shifts in competency and skills assessment
  • Early childhood care and support
  • Empowering the freelance economy with a human-AI Synergy i.e. intelligence augmentation

*We will still consider all ideas that tackle problems across the learn to earn cycle.

Program Journey

We practice what we preach. BLDR Launchpad’s application process is hands on and heavy on contact with your potential customers to prove desirability.

Application Process
Submitting initial application
20 May - 20 Jul
Launchpad Phase 1
Building the Foundations
15 Sep - 27 Oct
Launchpad Phase 2
Iteration at Scale
1 Nov - 5 Dec

Blding on Success

The inaugural Launchpad cohort featured 13 founders from 9 pioneering startups focused on the Future of Work and Learning in MENA. These startups tackled themes like micro-learning, AI content creation, and internship and job placement. Through innovative product experiments, the founders made significant strides toward achieving their Product-Market Fit.

"Thanks to BLDR, we gained access to the MENA market through introductions that would have been difficult to obtain otherwise. The mentors and speakers boasted exceptional expertise, yet remained approachable throughout. Additionally, the BLDR team ensured that each session was filled with quality advice, aiding us in focusing our decision-making process on the right hypotheses. I highly recommend BLDR to anyone aiming to build a leading ed-tech startup in the MENA region."
Marek Mihok, Founder @ Schwap
"Participating in BLDR’s Launchpad was a transformative experience for our EdTech startup. The program’s focus on education and the future of work allowed us to delve deeper into our scientific approach to learning, beyond just financials and growth. Connecting with individuals and mentors specifically from the EdTech sector provided us with invaluable insights and relevant feedback. I highly recommend BLDR’s Launchpad to any aspiring entrepreneur in the education field."
Bassel Jalaleddine,
“BLDR Launchpad is the most hands-on pre-seed fellowship I have come across in the MENA region. The impressive caliber of builders is matched by the efficacy of frameworks and tools that are used to validate and build functioning prototypes. I believe the program is an invaluable piece to the development of the learn-to-earn ecosystem.”
hamed almasri, mentor, partner @ silicon badia
"Mentoring passionate founders as they embark on the entrepreneurial journey is always rewarding. Bldr Launchpad attracts incredibly talented and focussed founders, and I'm looking forward to supporting the Bldr network again this year."
Stephen Jull, Mentor, Venture Partner @ Emerge Education


Launchpad Founders gain access to regional and global experts in the Future of Learning and Work in MENA, eager to share their experiences and networks. Stay tuned for more mentors joining soon.

Ahmed Sharkasy, Founder of
Knowledge Officer
Amin Marie, Senior Director of Impact, Sesame Workshop. Lecturer, Harvard University
Sarah Merai, Director of Strategy - Content, Wiley. Education & Skills Consultant
Rama Kayyali,  Co-Founder & CEO, Little Thinking Minds
Yousef AlHusaini, Co-Founder & CEO, Baims
Luma Adnani, Co-Founder & CEO, Adam Wa Mishmish
Dr. Hanaa AlMoeibed, Visiting Research Fellow LSE & Associate Fellow Chatham House
Seif Abou Zaid, Head of Proposition Development, Aleph Education
Stephen Jull, Edtech Founder, Mentor, Advisor, Investor
Hamed Masri, Partner, Silicon Badia


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