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BLDR’s Pre-Seed Launchpad aims to provide up to 14 regional early-stage founders with the opportunity to launch their startups tackling the biggest opportunities around the future of learning and work, starting with a 1-week in person bootcamp in Riyadh, followed by 3 weeks virtual programing.

BLDR’s Pre-seed Launchpad provides:

Industry FocusedMentoringRegional MarketsProduct ValidationPitching

Industry focused content

Pitching to global investors

Mentoring from industry leaders

Regional markets and users focus

Rapid problem/product validation frameworks

Program journey

The Launchpad is not a theoretical experience, it’s an exercise in hyper-learning and building.

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What founders are you looking for?

bldr.launchpad Program Journey

The Launchpad is not for everybody. It is only for those BLDRs obsessed with creating a better tomorrow and willing to dedicate their lives to doing so. We are looking for early-stage founders that are:

  • Obsessed with an important problem in the space, and can clearly articulate a unique thesis.
  • Have experience building and a bias towards action.
  • Ready and committed to launch into entrepreneurship full-time. Obsession is not for side hustles.
  • Are pre-revenue, and could potentially be pre-product but have an MVP.
  • Committed to being in Riyadh for the first week of the program.

What types of ideas can apply?

At BLDR, we have already built 4 businesses and failed at building many more. From our experience, we’ve developed a bias for solutions that are:

  • Asset light and can scale to meet the demands of emerging markets.
  • Lean heavily on gameful design and human motivation.
  • Aligns stakeholder incentives and outcomes.
  • Pedagogy first, drawing on the latest advances in the learning sciences.
  • Pioneer legal frameworks in white spaces.
  • Learn from models in similarly resourced environments.

All our strong opinions are loosely held. We are passionate about learning as we build before anything else and relish being proven wrong. In that light, it is important to underscore that we take a very broad view of learning and earning (and everything in between). We are not constrained by a traditional definition and labels on sectors, but are inspired and energised to work across spaces that will drive the path forward for the future of work and learning.

What are the learning outcomes?

Over the course of the intensive 4-week program, these founders will be guided through various stages of their entrepreneurial journey, enabling them to:

  • Validate the problem they are working on.
  • Ground their solution in learning-science & human psychology.
  • Develop a robust and rapid framework for finding product-market fit.
  • Deeply engage with the fundamentals of entrepreneurial leadership.
  • Pitch to a set of regional and global investors.