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We are here to build the digital infrastructure for a new MENA where the “future of work” is freelance, flexible or remote. We are here to build a MENA where the "future of learning" is competency based, accessible, and affordable. We are here to build a better MENA because we believe innovation must and can be deliberate. We believe in failing fast, and failing forward as the only way to create the region our peoples deserve.

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Our Journey Together

We are here to help you bld. We are your partner in the trenches, so you should think of us as an early co-founder that propels you forward - an early co-founder that will help you build a business that lasts. You will often join us after we have validated an impactful business idea and are ready to drive it to the next level. A big part of our focus is often helping founders develop their first technology stack, but more broadly we will also help you in hiring early talent, establishing key processes, driving user growth, building your brand, and many other facets of the blding journey.

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This stage focuses on crystalizing the concept, identifying the main pain we are addressing, the size of the market, and potential competitors. As part of this stage, we also list key hypotheses and assumptions that need to be validated through desktop, market, and user research. We set outselves up to bld, measure and learn quickly.


We work hard to answer the assumptions and questions we set out with high confidence. We often do this by building a first version of the MVP and testing it with real users. A big part of our job here is also thinking about the right kind of culture and talent needed to to ensure lasting success. We also begin talking to partners in the space that could add strategic value for future stages.


After validation, we begin refining the MVP further into a more complete experience. We continue to test the product to ensure the unit economics are sound. An important portion of the work here is finalizing the technology stack, and the defining aspect of this stage is on-boarding the right founder from our talent funnel that can be part of charting the path foward.


With the founding team on-board, the startup is ready for "lift-off". A key aspect of our work is helping  secure the early hires that will help scale the venutre. While we continue supporting with product and technology, we begin to recruit and train an independent technology team early on so they can better understand the journey. We also provide the company with funding, and help it navigate the early fundraising rounds.

Who We Are

We are a team of optimists that strongly believe in the potential of MENA as an emerging hub of global technology innovation. Collectively we have built companies that have reached millions of users across MENA and the world. We bring decades of entrepreneurial, financial and operational experience to your side of the table.

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